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Buy registered Passports(realifedocs0@gmail.com),Drivers license
Buy registered Passports(realifedocs0@gmail.com),Drivers license,

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Town: Canada, Colombia
Posted on:
Tandem Français-espagnol
Busco pareja de tándem francés/a

Je cherche quelqu'un pour faire un tándem franco-espagnol
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
By:Luisa Gil
I want to practise English Speaking with natives in exchange for Spanish(my mother tongue)
Hi everyone,

I´d like to find a native English speaker to practise conversation with, and I would help you with your Spanish.

We could go for a drink and chat once a week if it is convenient for you.

Best wishes and I look forward to your reply. Jesus
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
I am looking for someone to practise my Italian.
Hi everyone,

I would be interested in finding someone to practise my Italian with, in exchange I could help you with either your English or Spanish.

We could meet up once a week and have a coffee while we have a chat.

I look forward to your reply. Best wishes, Jesús
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
looking for Polish people!
This is Daniel , 43 yo, living in Madrid for a long time, I'm travelling to Poland the next 19th August for a week, I'd like to know if there are some polish who want to join these previosu day for talking about Madrid, Poland, Spain, life in general ;-)
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
By:Daniel S. de Cosca
Je suis espagnol, et je veux parler français
J'ai un niveau moyen-haut de français, et je voudrais améliorer avec quelqu'un natif.

J'offre un bon espagnol, culturellement, et je possède expérience dans les exchanges de conversation.

J'habite à Madrid centre.

À bientôt!

Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
Experienced native Spanish teacher now accepting new Skype students!
Hola a todos! My name is Melina and I am an experienced and enthusiastic Spanish teacher. I am now accepting new students for private Skype lessons.

I am a very patient, friendly and passionate teacher of Spanish, and I can help you to practise the Spanish that is specific to what you need.

I have found Skype to be an excellent way of learning and teaching a language, because it allows you the flexibility to learn from wherever you want, and at a very low cost.

The rate for lessons is £10 per hour.

Please contact me and let me know why you would like to study Spanish! Are you a beginner? Do you want to visit a Spanish speaking country? Let me know!

Check out my Facebook page "@melinaspanishteacher"- Spanish teacher online, where you can see reviews from my other students.

I look forward to meeting you!
Town: Barcelona, Spain
Posted on:
Looking for Swedish speakers!
Hej! I'm looking for someone to talk to in Swedish in exchange for my Spanish!
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
German native looking for spanish speakers to talk to

my name is Fabian, I am 27 years old and I just moved to Madrid. I just started to learn Spanish. I would love to meet some Spanish speakers that can listen to my terrible Spanish and correct me :) In return we can improve your German or talk in English.


Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
Inglés-español intercambio en Vallehermoso con un nativo y un bebé :)
Soy Gemma, tengo 31 años y vengo de Londres.
Quiero hacer un intercambio (inglés-español) en Vallehermoso (porque no el parque Golf Canal?).
Puedo quedar todos los días (lunes a viernes) porque tengo un bebé de 2 meses y en este momento no trabajo. Ella tendrá que venir conmigo pero es un bebé bueno (normalmente!).

Mi idea es que yo hablo solo en español, y tú solo en inglés, y te corregiré. De este modo, estamos practicando todo el tiempo (pero si quieres practicar escuchando no hay problema).

Si te parece bien, escríbeme por:

Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
Honduras Spanish School
HOSS offers a Spanish Language Immersion program in La Ceiba, Honduras. One on one lessons, 20 hours per week. Host family stay in private room and bathroom and 3 meals per day are provided.
website: www.hondurasspanishschool.com
e-mail: info@hondurasspanishschool.com
Town: Honduras
Posted on:
By:Honduras Spanish School
Looking for Spanish-English exchange in Alcobendas or San Sebastián
Hi there,

I just moved to Spain from Dubai and I speak horrible Español.
So am looking for someone with whom I can speak Spanish but I help the other person with learning English. We can just hangout in a bar or pub or something similar, and just have a casual chat with some cold cerveza ;)

Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
Looking for US English native speakers for recording speech samples - 25€
Cirrus Logic, Inc., leader in high performance low-power integrated circuits for audio and voice signal processing applications, is looking for native people from the Unites States in Madrid (Spain) for gathering voice samples which will be used for the development of a speech recognition system.

- Age: 30-50
- Native of the United States
- IMPORTANT: English speakers from other nationalities are not required

- Every speaker will be recorded uttering different predefined phrases in several acoustic conditions with a smartphone
- The whole process will take approximately 1 hour
- The participants will be requested to sign a document to cede the rights of the acquired recordings
- As a reward, every participant will receive a gift card (El Corte Inglés) with 25€
- The recording session will take place in the center of Madrid (Metro: Sevilla)

If you are interested, please, contact us at audiodb@cirrus.com to get more details.
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
Looking for english-spanish exchange :)
Hola :)

Soy de Poloña i ahora vivo en Madrid. Quiero aprender español, puedo enseñar ingles y polaco en cambio :) Mi numero telefono es 0048 793387710 :)
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
Looking for a Dutch and a Portuguese teachers
Hey,town people!
I'd like to learn Dutch and Portuguese(Portugal).
Is there anybody who would help me?
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
By:Bomsemi Choy
Learning Italian - Half French Half Spanish lived in France, UK, Spain, Itraly
Hello, I am Eduardo.

I want to learn Italian with an Italian speaker.
I am fluent in French, Spanish and English.
My mother is Spanish and my father is French.
I was born and raised in France until I was 17 years old then went to University for 5 years in Spain and then started working in London. I now live in Madrid, Spain. I love Italian culture and would love to talk about topics such as Italian cinema, literature, arts and food :)
I really want to boost my learning this year by practicing more conversations in Italian.

Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
English-Spanish language exchange

My name is Helen, and I would love to exchange languages with a native Spanish speaker! I'm from Australia (so I have a different accent), and I am currently working as a conversation assistant at a school in Madrid. I have experience helping students to learn, and I also have a CELTA certificate. My Spanish is pretty mediocre (A2-B1), so it would be great to meet someone at about the same level.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Helen :-)
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
100€ market research interviews to expats in Madrid
A marketing company offers 100€ to interview you for one hour (where and when you choose) if you are 35 to 55 y.o. expat transfered from your company abroad to work in Madrid.
Una empresa de marketing ofrece 100€ por una hora de entrevista en el lugar y hora que elijas si eres:
-Extranjero/a de 35 a 55 años.
-Profesional transferido a España desde tu empresa en el extranjero (no publicidad, banca ni inmobiliarias).
www.multilinkual.com post and ad
Si reúnes el perfil y te interesa, write to info@multilinkual.com
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
language exchange
Hi everyone,

I am looking for people who wants to hang out and do language exchange. I am a teacher so I am really patience ;)Cheer yourself up and come on!
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
I'm looking forward meet people for learning english, and i can help with spanish
hola soy un nuevo hablador de ingles estoy haciendo gramatica y lectura pero me cuesta afianzar puesto que necesito practicar más... puedo ayudar con el español estoy interesado en grupos de actividades, tomar algo lo que sea practicando nuestro ingles o español
Posted on:
By:Tomás Gallego

-- Profesorado nativo con experiencia.
-- Niveles desde inicial.
-- Máximo DOCE estudiantes por aula.

Martes y jueves de 20'00 a 22'00 h

Reserva de plaza siempre por estricto orden de matriculación.

Precio: 93 euros al mes.
Matrícula: 35 euros. Incluye todo el material necesario durante la continuidad del/ de la estudiante en el curso.


-- Control de progresos
-- Ambiente excelente con personas interesadas en el mundo japonés (más de 200 estudiantes, también coreano y chino).
-- Más de VEINTE años enseñando japonés, coreano y chino. Primera escuela de lenguas orientales en Madrid. Busque referencias en la red antes de decidirse.
-- Los comentarios de nuestros estudiantes son nuestra mejor publicidad.
-- Clases específicas también para adolescentes.
-- Consulte cualquier duda por teléfono, email, whatsapp o en persona. Estamos encantados ""SIEMPRE" de atender cualquier solicitud.

Matricularse es muy sencillo. Para ello tan sólo es necesario rellenar una ficha con datos de contacto y abonar TREINTA Y CINCO euros en concepto de matrícula. Este abono incluye todo el material necesario durante la continuidad del/la estudiante en el curso.
Las clases se pagan mes a mes, pero una vez comenzado el curso.

Para formalizar la matrícula se puede hacer IN SITU en la propia escuela o se puede solicitar hacerlo por email.

Contacte con nosotros a través de la web de Instituto Kojachi por email, teléfono o whatsapp(622135322) y solicite información sin compromiso. Instituto Kojachi es una escuela solvente, con una dilatada trayectoria en la enseñanza de idiomas orientales, de capital cien por cien español.
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
I would like to offer a room in my apartment to an English native student
I would like to offer a room in my apartment to an English native student, at least for one month. Please contact anvaal02@gmail.com
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
Chinese in Madrid
I´m looking to practice Chinese, if you are up to it, let me know. We can do a language exchange activity or lessons.My level is B2.

Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
By:xavi robinsson
Spaniard looking for english, Germán or french interchange
Looking forward to meeting people in Madrid for language exchange, either english, german or french. My mother lenguage is spanish. We can go for a drink, visit museums or exhibitions, lunch ir dinner, whatever Promis interesting conversation :) How about you?
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
English Native looking to practice my Spanish
Hi, my name is Isabel and I am a native English speaker, I am looking to improve my Spanish and I do not mind improving your English too! Please don't hesitate to contact me!
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
Willing to practice some Spanish and going around Madrid? Let me know! :)
Hi! I'm Sara, Spanish teacher, and arrived in Madrid last spring after living abroad for 6 years.

I'm willing to meet expats living in Madrid, we can go around Madrid and in the meantime practice some Spanish.

Feel free to contact me if you wish to practice some Spanish.

Have a great day!
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
Web design and graphic design for Australian, American and European Companies
Passionate futurist solutions Private Limited offers the best graphic design and web design for american, Australian and European companies. We are a team of workers from India having significant experience for completing a project on time. Our experts can follow the instructions and work accordingly. Visit: www.passionatefuturist.com
Town: India
Posted on:
english practice in the mornings or soon in the afternoons
Hello everyone! I´m a spanish speaker looking for people who have time to practice english in the mornings or soon in the afternoons as I am not available on the schedule that multilinkual stablishes. Both spanish and native speaker are welcome. Write to me if you are interested and if we are several people we can make a group and decide where and when to meet every week :)
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
someone to practice English and have fun
I'm Julia, and I'm living in Madrid... so if u want to practice and improve ur English, let me know to date and talk and have fun ;)
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
By:Julia Desiree Roggiero
English native teachers required in Toledo
Richmond English School is an established school in SW London, aiming to open (a small) new premises in Toledo at some point in 2017. We'd be very interested to hear from any native English EFL teachers living in, or near Toledo who might be interested in working with us. In the first instance please email your CV to Richmondschooltoledo@gmail.com and we will contact you to organise a time to meet for an interview. Many thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
Town: Toledo
Posted on:
My Spanish for your English
I'm an student at the University of Alcalá and I'd like to meet someone to practise english in exchange for my spanish.

If you're interested lemme know. I know words, I have the best words.
Town: Alcala de Henares, Spain
Posted on:
CASA INGLESA - Lavapies - Aprende ingles en un ambiente agradable con profesora nativa.
A class for the price of a couple of beers!! Dee 656551578
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
1:1 intercambio en Monkee Coffee, Calle Vallehermoso
Hola! Soy Gemma de Londres. Llevo 2 años en Madrid y quiero mejorar mi español. Trabajo como autónoma y escribo sobre la medicina.

Me gustaría hacer un intercambio en Monkee Coffee en Calle Vallehermoso (metro: Canal/Islas Filipinas). Si vives cerca y quieres practicar tu Ingles, mándame un mensaje!
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
Spanish and English language exchange
Hi! I'm Paula, a university student in Madrid.
I would like to improve my spoken English and I can teach you Spanish if you want!
I love talking about all intesting topics while we having a drink or doing some cultural activities.
If you are interested please comment your email below and I will contact you!
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
Spanish girl looking for language partners
Hi! I am a spanish girl who is looking for an english native speaker to improve my spoken english. I can help with spanish if you want
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
My English/Spanish for your French
Hi! I'm a Spanish guy that works as an English teacher. I'd like to improve my French while having a coffee or doing some interesting activities. I like the cultural exchange too.

Let me know if you're interested!
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
Pilates in English
Hello! come and join us in our group Pilates class in English every Wednesday at 7pm in Goya area. All levels welcome, get in shape and practice your English at the same time!
We also offer private and group reformer classes on request. Please contact us at hellopilates@live.com or visit www.hellopilates.net

Hola, apuntate a nuestra clase de Pilates en Ingles, todos los Miércoles a las 7 en la zona de Goya. Ponte en forma y practica tu Ingles a la vez!
También ofrecemos clases particulares y grupales con maquinas. Nos puedes contactar en hellopilates@live.com o visitar nuestra pagina
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
Spanish girl looking for English native speakers
Hi there! I would like to practice my speaking more often than I do, and so I am looking for people who are native speakers or somebody who has a good command of this langauge. It goes without saying but... I also can help you with your Spanish. I'm itno linguistics, literature and teaching, but I wouldn't mind learning about other fields of knowledge.
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
Nativo de Inglaterra buscando intercambio
Hola me llamo Jason y soy de Londres. Estoy en Madrid por 9 meses y quiero hacer un intercambio para encontrar nueva gente y hablar español y ingles. Mándame un mensaje por whatsapp 00447795823640.
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
By:Jason dudley
Look for Italian / English exchange?
Italian native speaker! Male, 43, I've lived in Madrid for 14 years now and I'd like to improve my English, exchanging with Italian. I'm not a professional teacher but experienced in teaching Italian. Available on weekend afternoon in Madrid city center. See you!
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
By:Stefano Ferrari
English/Spanish exchange
I would like to practice my English and I can give you some tips with your Spanish. Available in the afternoons in Madrid city center or in the South area of the city.
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
necesito ayuda con el ingles
hola me llamo Lili y necesito ayuda con el ingles por skype o charlando los fines de semana
y tardes, yo a cambio puedo ayudarte con el español :) 609794940
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
English / Spanish exchange
Soy Atif, un hombre inglaterra. I'm looking for people to help me with Spanish in the afternoons. In exchange, I can help you with English.
We can meet up for coffee or for a walk, but either way, please get in touch!


Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
By:Atif Nasar
Spanish/English language exchange
Hola señores y señoras,
Soy Helen, una mujer Australiana. En Octubre, yo voy a ir a Madrid por 9 meses.
I would like to meet people who can help me with my Spanish, and I can help you with your English (I have a CELTA, so can assist with grammar and speaking).
As I don't know many people in Madrid, it would be great to meet for a coffee or drink or walk!
Hope to hear from you soon!
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
Spanish teacher wanted
I'm looking for an experienced Spanish teacher on Tuesday and Thursday's from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. I'm probably a high A2 low B1 level, and want to improve to B2. Especially I need help with speaking, listening, and verb conjugation. I look forward to hearing from you.

Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
By:David Chambliss
Fluenly.com is changing the way the world learns foreign languages.

We are looking for English, Spanish and French teachers that are passionate about helping students succeed.


We offer 1-to-1 and group classes in modern foreign languages in public establishments such us: companies, universities, bars, cafes and coworking spaces…

About you:
- You love languages
- You love teaching
- You enjoy working with international students
- You are a native speaker / bilingual in the language you want to teach

Teachers of Fluenly.com are patient, qualified, experienced and friendly.
If that´s you, we would love to hear from you!

About Fluenly.com

Fluenly.com is an educational project founded in 2016 in England by foreign language teachers that believe there is a better way to learn and improve a new language. They are a multicultural team with a shared passion about education and who are committed to making a positive contribution to the global community.

We want to see a world where anyone regardless of their location or background can have access to an affordable, enjoyable and highly effective language education by attending a fluenly* group.
As opposed to traditional players, Fluenly´s classes are fun, social, and focused on conversation—not grammar and memorization.

Benefits of using Fluenly.com

Set your own schedule. Adjust your personal availability on your calendar.Teach full-time, part time or occasionally. You decide when you give the class and where you do it.

Fluenly.com provides you a professional and attractive framework for you to present yourself to users who visit the site. Students from all over the world can view your profile and contact you.

Fluenly.com helps you establish your own professional network of students. The bigger your network the more money you'll make.

We want you to focus on what you do best, which is teaching languages. Let us worry about: marketing, enrolments, technology, payment integrations, technical stuff, domains, bookings, hosting, site development, design, feedback, syllabus, and customer support….so you can focus on tutoring.

Share your experiences and passions with your students. They want to know more not only about your language but about your country, your history and about you

…just one more thing…

Work with us, earn money, meet awesome people from all over the world and learn Spanish for free!

With fluenly.com you always be reaching new and committed students for your lessons.
We're doing something special - come join us.

How to apply for this job?

No upfront costs
No setup fees
Like us https://www.facebook.com/speakfluenly/
Follow us https://twitter.com/SpeakFluenly

Fill in your details

We will get back to you soon!

We believe that learning and improving a new language should be an enjoyable, affordable, effective and social experience.

That´s why we have created Fluenly.com to make language education easy, effective and convenient for people of all nationalities, religions, cultures and backgrounds.

Applications from: Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid will be welcome


This is why we do what we do and this is our passion.
Fluenly team
Town: Barcelona, Spain
Posted on:
Intercambio lingüístico español-italiano/ Scambio linguistico spagnolo-italiano
Hola a todos! Me gustaría poder practicar italiano porque es un idioma que me encanta y que aprendí hace un par de años gracias a una estancia Erasmus de 1 año en Roma. Si cualquier italiano/a quiere practicar y mejorar su español, no dudéis en contactarme! Saludos!

Ciao a tutti! Mi piacerebbe poter parlare l'italiano con qualcuno, perchè una lingua che mi piace tanto e che ho imparato un paio di anni fa tramite una borsa di studio Erasmus a Roma. Se volete praticare e migliorare il vostro livello di spagnolo e potete aiutarmi col mio livello d'italiano, non esitare di contattarmi! Tanti saluti!
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
By:Carlito HF
Aupair Madrid / Exchange
Hi all,

We are looking for an aupair for the first three weeks of July in Madrid, we offer a accommodation and breakfast in exchange we would like that he/she spend half of the day (from Monday to Friday) with our four year old boy, doing activities in english.

If you are interested please comment your email below and I will contact you!
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
American student coming to Madrid
Hi y Hola,

I'm a college student and I will be traveling to Spain for this summer on a study abroad program. While I'm there I will spend two weeks in Málaga and four weeks in Madrid.

Since Madrid is probably easier- I'm looking for a partner during my time there to help me practice my conversation skills. I can exchange my help for English as well! I'm open to talking about life, work, family, animals, and especially.... food!

You can comment your emails below and I will contact you! Thank you y muchas gracias!!!

Town: United States
Posted on:
By:Patty Nieberg
Spanish-English exchange
Hi, my name is Ricardo. I am a native Spanish speaker and would like to do a language exchange with native English speakers to practice.
I lived in London for one year and a half, returned to Madrid last April and I want keep my English level, b2 level.
I can help you with your Spanish and I do not mind regarding your Spanish level. Love people and communication! If you are interested, don´t hesitate to get in touch!

Best wishes,
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted on:
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