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Language exchange

Hello friends! I looking for people interested in language exchange, in english and spanish, I'm from Madrid! I need improve my speaking english, with conversations, or chats, or meet us in a bar or cafe, some day at week. I'm studying english in an academy, my level is high intermediate or B1. If you are interested in improve your spanish and speak with me in our language, send me a private message! Thanks
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted by: Xaro
Oops I don't find the way to send a private mesage If you know how do it, let me know or send me a mesaage with your number phone :)
Hi Jason, nice to speak with you, thanks for your answer, do you want to call you, I'll send you my movile-phone in a private message. Thanks!
Jason dudley
Hola Caro, I'm a native English speaker looking for a language exchange, I'm in Madrid for 9 months and teach English at a school.
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