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English-Spanish language exchange

English-Spanish language exchange


My name is Helen, and I would love to exchange languages with a native Spanish speaker! I'm from Australia (so I have a different accent), and I am currently working as a conversation assistant at a school in Madrid. I have experience helping students to learn, and I also have a CELTA certificate. My Spanish is pretty mediocre (A2-B1), so it would be great to meet someone at about the same level.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Helen :-)
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted by: Helen
Hi Manuela, Thanks for your message! It would be great to talk! Cheers, Helen
Belén te he cambiado el nombre jajaja un saludo
Hola Belén soy Manu y me gustaría charlar contigo
Hey!!! I'm a Spanish man who is also teacher. I'm preparing my IELTS test to reach a C1 level of English which is the key to find a job as Primary teacher in Madrid. I'd like meet with you to do an exchange! by the way, i lived in Brisbane (Australia) for over 10 months so we could talk about our experiences in your beautiful country. :)
Whoops, I shouldn't have pressed send then! Thanks for your message. It would be fantastic to meet and swap languages. When do you have free time?
Hi Cristina!
Hi Helen!!My name is Cristina. I would like to improve my English and exchange my Spanish. If you are interested, tell me something, Thanks!!
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