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My English for your Spanish!

Hi all! I just moved to Madrid from NYC and would love to practice my Spanish. I'm always up to meet for a drink and chat in both English and Spanish! Send me a message if you're interested!
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted by: Katrina
Hello Katrina, I see your post is from september.. but if you´re still interested in some language exchange, you can count on me. I live in the downtown so if you want to take a walk around the city centre or have a drink while practicing some spanish, I´ll be more than happy. cu!
I see you have a lot of people who want to help you with your Spanish and you help them improving their english, i want too of course do the same.
Hi, Katrina. I wish to practice english & spanish with you. I live in Madrid and We could walk or hace a drink, talking about many diferents areas. My profesional rol is hr director.
Hi Katrina, I´m looking to improve my english. If you want, we can meet to speak english/spanish
Hi Katrina, it is OK. Let me know when do you like to do it.
Hi Katrina, I'm interested to improve my english and help you with your spanish, we could try to help us.
Luis Aguilar
I tell you the same as Ana! Send me a message If you are interested!
Hi Katrina, I would like to practice my English so if you wish we could exchange our languages! Also If you wish to know more Madrid we can walk around or have a drink. Let me know! Thanks
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