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Looking for US English native speakers for recording speech samples - 25€

Cirrus Logic, Inc., leader in high performance low-power integrated circuits for audio and voice signal processing applications, is looking for native people from the Unites States in Madrid (Spain) for gathering voice samples which will be used for the development of a speech recognition system.

- Age: 30-50
- Native of the United States
- IMPORTANT: English speakers from other nationalities are not required

- Every speaker will be recorded uttering different predefined phrases in several acoustic conditions with a smartphone
- The whole process will take approximately 1 hour
- The participants will be requested to sign a document to cede the rights of the acquired recordings
- As a reward, every participant will receive a gift card (El Corte Inglés) with 25€
- The recording session will take place in the center of Madrid (Metro: Sevilla)

If you are interested, please, contact us at audiodb@cirrus.com to get more details.
Town: Madrid, Spain
Posted by: cirrus
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