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Sea impression

Wave a sea softened
and a pain and a tenderness
throw dreams in fascination
of the blue.
And let shave the waves of
Your eternity , oh, weigh
above me,
oh,weigh a coast of years.
Carry far in azure, spiral
with bulging little abdomens,
flutter with mahagony pinions
and already in vain expect you
to stop the scales harbours
with hot flames for You are
Far away, far away ,far away,
stretched string,
heart and frank await the
hymn of June.
All sea sisters are dressed in
mother-of-pearl garment
embroidered of kiss of
In the morning hunts them
fishermen and revive with
breath of their man’s hands.
In the evening girls wash
their black tunics,
in their blue hearts,
their feet white ,who cadge
heavy chains.
The night is squeezed enigma
and ugly,
predatory like a bat pecking
of scarlet fig.
Sea sisters, sea sisters,
remember His steps
which go through you noiselessly,
and ou swing like
bloody wine-
hold in His fingers Herod,
Pilate washes his hands,
in Yours heirs
and they bristled like winter
icicles bristles of innoncent blood .
There at Golgotha
hearing terrible cry,
blood gushes like
wounded river disappear
like Easter roses,
in weeds of flushed
preditory crowd,
to open way of
Who is He?
Do you heard
His name ?
He is Messiah,
God’s anoited
Jesus Christ.
Like little sheeps,
clouds of candy floss,
they welcome festivaly.
Barefooted are feet
of lovely swarthy steps
of the sun, came to bow,
before You , Creator.
The sea throws his
magnificent silver flesh,
blue like heavently lace,
to swallow all stars
only Bethlehem’s
stays inextinguishable,
pretty like uncreated
like an apple of not
born girl.
Copyright © Nina Mindova
Town: Yambol
Posted by: Nina Mindova
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