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WAKED WITH BLAZING a poem by Nina Mindova, Bulgaria

Waked with blazing
expanses of morn,
adorned with sunrise,
with sense of smell of
woodland flower.
Your sleeves of cloud
pillars burn.
The soul of Your
Israel’s nation follow You.
The pathway towards
Canaan is long and winding
like Easter cake,
like manna is sacred
the bread of your nation.
His blood boils up
like wine , is hotted
of long way in wilderness.
Wake , all, springs,
call out, all rivers ,
I want to drink of water
of eternal life, I want
to take cross of Your
suffering to pass through
darkness of sin purged in
fire of Your Word.

- See more at: http://www.voicesnet.com/displayonepoem.aspx?poemid=130417#sthash.xcz24ANw.dpuf
Town: Yambol
Posted by: Nina Mindova
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