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Waves pressing

The waves insist on,

waves rock,

foaming white

bodies ,

and in shiver


the waves die from,

break up in,

verdant rock. ..

But sunset tight,

With red chains,

Curly blue waves,

And sea-mew,

Screams out and

Instant restrain,

Before sleep

Created in deeps.

The waves be sad,

And in shades deep,

Cure wounded souls,

And coolly look at,

Cliffs towering,

Shoot through,

With black arrows.

But sandy songs,

Resound in

Collapse on black,

Bewitching night,

After sun down warm,

The coast is in alarm-

The waves are in

Their mighty.

There silver nets,

Tired of fishermen,

Will pull with

Sweating hands,

And wrinkles,

Will tighten up

Their foreheads

Old above soft

water face.

In some quiet

Unrealized joy,

Will sing bend

Oars, and white

Cloths of memory,

Youth will lap

Above sea bedstead.

The waves will

Cheat-girls remoted,

Reminded warm home,

And light hopes,

Will shine unknown

Above glass of rum.
Town: Yambol
Posted by: Nina Mindova
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