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Thursday Language Exchange

Thursday Language Exchange

Join international people from all over the world every Thursday and practise languages for free!
Venue:Beer Station
Address:Cuesta de Santo Domingo 22
Town:Madrid, Spain
When: Thursday | Jan 25, 2018 | 10:00pm
Posted by:David Poza

Hi everyone, I am coming today,is there language exchange also in agoust?
Hola buenas, soy nuevo tambien en la web, queria pasarme el jueves me tengo que apuntar o algo ?
Hallo¡ Ich möchte nach Beer Station heute, es gibt Leute für die Deutsch Kurs und sprechen?Danke.
Hi there, how does this work? It'd be the first time I go to an event like this one, you just go and start talking to people? is it just for english/spanish exchange? I'm spanish and my english is more likely bad
This thursday the 22th, I´m coming for first time to this meeting in Beer Station. I´m looking forward having a very good time talking in English with you. Any suggestion or piece of advise to the meeting is wellcome.
Hi everyone
Hi everyone I'm new in the group, how is work, just I need to go the bar,i was thinking to go today ... some of you are going?
Hi!it's going To be my fist experience too!!see u later ;)
Sorry, was the phone... Today i'm go for to probé. I have fear...
Hi all!!!
David Poza
Hi, Mai, see you there, as well as lots of participants every week
Hi Everyone. I wanna go there tonight. Its my first time so i don't know who am i going to approach ?. I would like to practice my spanish and to improve it and also to meet some new friends.
Javier García Romero
Hola, tengo la próxima semana el examen del First certificate. Alguien interesado en conversación?
Javier García Romero
Hola, tengo la próxima semana el examen del First certificate. Alguien interesado en conversación?
I'll be there tomorrow, hope to see lots of people and have a good time!
David Poza
Bienvenido,Francis, hoy jueves va mucha gente nueva, te veo en la puerta a las 22h
Hola. Mañana jueves 26 junio quiero ir alli.. Es mi primera vez, me gustaria saber si alguien mas se apunta para no ir solo... Hablo español soy de republica dominicana.. Y quiero practicar mi ingles o aprender algunos dialectos españoles..
Vale muchas gracias!!
David Poza
Hola, Alfonso y todos. Basta con ir, verás un montón de gente internacional en el pub, pregunta por mí.
Buenas a todos, soy Alfonso y todo esto del intercambio lingüístico es nuevo para mi, para asistir que tengo que hacer?
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