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Friday at the Movies

Friday at the Movies

OUR BRAND IS CRISISJoin us every Friday, cada viernes to watch subtitled movies (v.o. subtitulada en español). We are a big and international crowd every Friday, you'll find us at the entrance for sure.

If you're Spanish (or not native English speaker), it's the best way to improve your English and have fun at the same time, whilst you meet nice and sociable people, every week.

2 venues: Cine •••••• El Parnasillo del Príncipe pub.

REDUCED PRICE for us + a FREE DRINK after the movie for our movie tickets at the pub, so keep your ticket after the movie!

You'll see a lot of people at the entrance, we buy the tickets much cheaper for the group.
Venue:Cine Doré -----> El Parnasillo del Príncipe
Address:Santa Isabel 3 ----> Príncipe 33
Town:Madrid, Spain
When: Friday | Jun 23, 2017 | 09:15pm
Posted by:David Poza

David Poza
Right here, Anouk, just scroll up (or on "Cinema" multilink). Eye in the Sky, we're meeting up at 20h at the entrance.
Anouk Scholtes
So where do I see the name of today's film? I would like to join at 20:00 :)
finally ,I can join with you tonight, have a good time!!
Thank you David, I´ll see you tomorrow at 8:00 pm
David Poza
Hi, Anouk, Alfredo. We meet at the entrance and I pick up the money to buy the tickets cheaper for the group. The Friday to Sunday movie listing isn't ready yet, it should be by tonight. Please check the website later to know which movie and time to meet up.
Anouk Scholtes
I have the same question as ALfredo. Where do I sign up or where do we meet?
hola, acabo de registrarme, quería saber si vais a quedar en el cine, este viernes día 20 y cómo tengo que hacer para encontraros. Gracias
Laura Garcia
Hola! qué película vais a ver y a qué hora para este viernes 29 de Abril?
Que pelicula toca esta semana?
Que pelicula toca esta semana?
Soy nueva en Multilingual. ¿los comentarios no se actualizan?
jose cc
Por favor para ir este viernes que películas es? Con quien puedo contactar para algunas dudas?. Gracias
David Poza
Hola, basta con estar a la hora indicada.
hola! me acabo de apuntar a la pagina, para el cine de hoy hay que apuntarse antes o con estar a la hora indicada para sacar las entradas todos juntos es suficiente? gracias
Maite Crespo
Hola! hay que hacer algo para apuntarse a este plan o simplemente asistir?
Manolo Sotillo
Creo que hay un error en la hora ! 10/7/2015
hola,soy nueva en la pagina y me gustaría mejorar mi ingles y mi francés.espero que me contesteis porque me gustaría empezar a ir,teneis wasap?gracias,chao
Mónica Navarra Sáenz
I will go tonight.Ciao.
David Poza
Today's movies event was cancelled.
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