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English Professional Coach and Translator

English Professional Coach and Translator

My profile:

I am a professional trainer and translator (British origin),
entrepreneur based in Paris, I am certified TESOL (teaching of English to the speakers
other languages).

My experience:

I have taught classes for 10 years to people of all ages and all
levels in France and abroad. Also to professionals in
many sectors: Human Resources, Finance, IT, Legal,
Real Estate, Medicine, Aviation and Communication.

My services:

- English courses: in person or by telecommunication.
(General English and Business English, role play and exercises, preparation for
examinations, applications and interviews)
- Professional interpreting
- Translation of documents

Price: between 20 and 45 euros depending on the service and the number of hours. Contact: Melody jaimelanglais@gmx.fr .
Town: Paris, France
Posted by: Melody
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