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Female voices for documentary Madrid, Spain| by Ana
Good afternoon, my name is Ana Rodríguez, and I am finishing a documentary about advertisements in Madrid. I am looking for some female voices to perform the voices over that appear in the film.

I am searching:

- American woman, between 30 and 40 (aprox), can be younger.
- Brasilian woman, between 25 and 35 (aprox)
- French woman, between 20 and 30.

What you'll need to do is a prove from a text/audio I will send and if the voice and everything fits well, we would record the take in studio.

This is a collaboration project, as it has no external founds, though if there are benefits they would be shared. Also can make spanish exchange if you need it.

Please, get in contact with me if you are interested, in the email anarodriguezleon@yahoo.es or the telephone +34 610402159

And if you want to know more about my work, visit www.anarodriguezleon.com
I have been working in audiovisual for more than 10 years and I am looking forward this becomes a great experience to everybody.

Thank you in advance,

Ana Rodríguez
help with english! Madrid, Spain| by Raúl
Hi there, I need to improve my english level, someone can help me? I speak spanish, I could help you with this!
WOMAD 2014!!! Madrid, Spain
Le voyage à WOMAD était super!!!! Merci
Native English wants to practice Spanish for next three weeks
hi all Madrid, Spain| by dafir
am dafir look for someone can help me to learn spanish and i will help him to learn english if you are interest call me on632313970
Spanish/Russian-> English Madrid, Spain| by enriquellorente@hotmail.es
Hello! I speak spanish and russian. And i want speak english. enriquellorente@hotmail.es
hi every body Madrid, Spain| by dafir
hi ..am dafir am speak inglish and arabic search for people how can help me to study spanish and help them to learn english or arabic if you are interest in can mail me on "dafir.mahmood@gmail.com"
Back in Tanzania Arusha| by hawa
Hola amigos.
I am not living in Spain anymore. I am back at home trying to do some charity works.
Some Spaniards and other volunteers who wish to come to Tanzania, you are very welcome.
I' ll be available to help with questions and some Swahili language practice.

Besos a todos
English-Spanish exchange language | by jaimesyago@yahoo.es
New Years! Madrid, Spain| by Mary-Rose
It's almost time to say adios to 2013 and greetings to 2014.
I have recently moved to Madrid and am looking to eat 12 grapes with some nice people.

My friend told me about this site and that she really enjoyed the meetups.
Do you lovely people have any plans to celebrate the new year?

Quiero hablar ITALIANO! Madrid, Spain| by mathias
Hola!, busco un/a italiano/a que quiera enseñarme su lengua y yo a cambio le enseño español.

vivo en Madrid.

Portugués x Inglés Madrid, Spain| by Val Ferreira de Abreu
Hola soy un azafato de vuelo que no vuela porque no hablo inglés :(
te doy clases de portugués/español y tú me enseñas inglés...
abstenerse gente rara...
Sound recording for feature film Madrid, Spain| by Steve Miller
Hi everyone

I am a British sound editor based in Madrid, currently working on a Spanish-language film based in Argentina.

There is a scene in the film at an American college, and I need to record some background voices to give it that authentic American college feel (the scene was actually shot in Buenos Aires).

The ideal group would be 8-10 people, a mixture of men and women, of more-or-less a college age.

Would anyone living here in Madrid be interested? It would be a meet-up on a weekend in a park for an hour or so. Unfortunately the film is small (this isn't Hollywood!) so I wouldn't be able to pay anything, but might be able to get screen credits.

Thanks in advance:

Saludos desde Perú Lima, Peru| by John
Me gustaría mejorar mi nivel de ingles vía Facebook, chat, Skype o lo que sea..les podría enseñar mi español para que así entre todos aprendamos!!!

Espero que les interese aprenderlo..
I'd like to improve my English via Facebook, chat, Skype or whatever .. I could teach my Spanish so that among all learn!

I hope you are interested to learn ..
Spanish in exchange for your language. Any language Peru| by Alberto
Hi!!! Im willing to teach you latino spanish for your any language,
Or getting chat in english. Anyway Im Peruvian if you need something askme,
Let me know and lets keep n touch!
el Camino de Santiago Primitivo United States| by Annette
Hola a todos!

Seré una peregrina de 10 03 al 28 en el Camino de Santiago Primitivo. Mis amigos y yo estaremos en Madrid el 29 y 30 de octubre. Si alguien quiere unirse a nosotros y recomendar un restaurante que estaría feliz de tener su empresa. Estaré revisando mis mensajes y espero con interés escuchar de tu!

Un besos,
INTALENTIA. Teaching English internship in Spain, Madrid. spain| by katy
If you are interested in doing your internship as English teacher, please contact us via e-mail: rrhh@intalentia.com

From October to June at a spanish school

Place: Madrid, Pozuelo de Alarcón.

The program includes:

5 hours of work per day as English teacher


Salary: 400 euros per month.

Teaching internship in a school located in Madrid.
Teaching English internship in Spain, Madrid.
Exchange Spanish-English Madrid, Spain| by José Ignacio
I'm looking for an English speaker to practice English. I've been living abroad until recently and would like to keep practicing now that I'm in Spain. Unfortunately, If anyone would like to meet up and go for a coffee/beer, I'd be so happy to help you back with your Spanish :)
Russian,English-Spanish | by arber2004@mail.ru
Are you there??? Madrid, Spain| by hawa
hi there.
I am Hawa from Tanzania, I am now living in Madrid. I speak Swahili and English! I would like first of all to meet with my people from East Africa or any who speaks some Swahili. I will be very glad.Second I would like to meet with any foreigners from all over the world to tell me about their life experience in Madrid mostly is to encourage me on learning the language.

Olá, eu sou espanhola mas gosto da cultura brasileira. Eu gostaría combinar com gente que goste de falar portuguès e de música brasileira, eu tento ir pra ouvir múisca brasileira e dançar forró, eu tambén gosto da capoeira.
Spanish for your english Madrid, Spain| by celiajr.urjc@gmail.com
Hi !!! I live in Madrid and I'm looking for english/american people for practise my bad english!
I would like to meet with groups of people, not only a person.

If you are interested, please let me know sending an email.

Hola! Vivo en Madrid y estoy buscando gente americana o inglesa para practicar mi inglés penoso...! Me gustaría quedar con grupos de gente, no sólo con una persona.
Si estás interesado, por favor mándame un email.
Language Exchange Madrid, Spain| by victor
Hi everybody!
My name is Víctor and I am a native Spanish speaker of 29 years of Madrid and I am looking for someone who wants to speak english and spanish. Even the drinks are on me. I could show you Madrid and surroundings. If you are interested please let me know .
Im looking for a English girl to practice my spanish Madrid, Spain| by elena
hi i want to interchange my spanish for your english!
In madrid center and soon can possible thanks!
Spanish<->English exchange! Madrid, Spain| by Alex
Hi there!I'm Alex, I am 24 years old and I'm looking for someone to improve my english by talking a lot! I like sports, travelling, party, and friendly people!

I can help you with your spanish and even I can show you the city!

Contact me if you are interested!
Spanish for your English Madrid, Spain| by Andrea
This is Andrea.Hello everybody, I would like to exchange languages.
I want speak English! Madrid, Spain| by thegreatlove3@gmail.com
Hello everybody, I am looking for a native speaker in English. I am 22 years old and I am from here, Madrid, Spain. I would like to exchange languages.
i want friends!!!!! Incheon, Korea| by Miseon Choi

i' m korean woman

i want friends
Looking for Spanish-English exchange Madrid, Spain| by Diana
Hi there! My name is Diana, I am a native Spanish speaker and I am looking for someone who wants to exchange her/his english for my spanish. If you are interested please let me know here.
See you :)
Language exchange Italian-English Roma, Italy| by Sara
Hello everybody,

My name is Sara, I born in Rome and so I'm an italian mothertongue but I'd like to improve my english level especially my speaking because I have started a new job in a multinational society, so I'm looking for someone to talk with. I could help u to speak better Italian and I could have u a sightseen of Rome....what do think about it?
Language exchange Madrid, Spain| by Virginia
I´m a native spanish speaker, looking for an english speaker interested in language exchange "face to face" in Madrid.
I would like to improve my English, mainly because I like travelling and is the most used language abroad. I also use it at work. My level is upper-intermediate and i´m trying to get an advanced :p
Hi guys! Poland| by Leydee
I will be in the beautiful Madrid this Saturday and Sunday. Please let me know what places I can visit or meet people and have an unforgettable trip. :)
madrid 25 may | by yago.f@hotmail.es
Où sont les gents françaises!! Madrid, Spain| by angel
Cette dimanche J'irai au café Marca, je suis Espagnol et je voudrais practiquer mon français. On peut se rencontrer là bas où on peut organiser un rendevous, avec une où mille personnes! Je vous attends, à dimanche!!
Intercambio Inglés-italiano-español Madrid, Spain| by Antonio
Hola a todos, me gustaría encontrar gente con la que pueda hablar inglés e italiano. Soy español y hablo el resto de idiomas y quiero seguir practicando. Muchas gracias

Ciao a tutti, mi piacerebbe trovare persone per parlare inglese ed italiano. Sono spagnolo e parlo il resto di lingue e voglio continuare parlando queste lingue. Grazie mille.

Hello everybody, I´d like to find somebody who I can speak Italian and English. I´m spanish and I speak italian and english. Many thanks
Intercambio Inglés-italiano-español Madrid, Spain| by Antonio
Hola a todos, me gustaría encontrar gente con la que pueda hablar inglés e italiano. Soy español y hablo el resto de idiomas y quiero seguir practicando. Muchas gracias

Ciao a tutti, mi piacerebbe trovare persone per parlare inglese ed italiano. Sono spagnolo e parlo il resto di lingue e voglio continuare parlando queste lingue. Grazie mille.

Hello everybody, I´d like to find somebody who I can speak Italian and English. I´m spanish and I speak italian and english. Many thanks
Intercambio Español- Ingles
Language Exchance Esp/Eng Madrid, Spain| by José Luis
Hi, how are you? I introduce myself, I am José Luis, I am a online marketing professional and I am loocking for a new english job.

I am looking for someone to do a Language Exchange. I want to prepare for English interviews in the future. So my proposal is do an interview role play, check my vocabulary, grammar, etc.

I could do the same in Spanish if you are interested, or I can be a Spanish teacher. I am a Journalist and a good writter and grammar teacher.

Thanks for your time.


José Luis
Suche:Deutsch, Offer:Spanish/English Madrid, Spain| by Gustavo A. Peláez C.
Hi there,
I´m looking for someone to help me with my German. It's been a while since I studied it and I don't want to forget it. I can help you with Spanish and English if necessary.

Want to put your language skills to the test? Israel| by Florence
Do just that by joining the Webflakes translator community and see what you’re made of. Join our global community of volunteer translators who utilize their language skills in making a real difference. Translate foreign content from leading international bloggers in trending lifestyle topics into English, for global readers to enjoy. For every 500 words you translate, we'll donate $1 to a charity of choice: Doctors Without Borders, AICR, charity: water, Pencils of Promise, and more. http://bit.ly/17qH5Cc
Searching for someone interested on babysitting in Sierra de Madrid (Guadarrama) Cercedilla, Spain| by Adela
we are a family with 2 girls (1 year and 3 years), and we are looking for someone living nearby us, (Guadarrama-Madrid), to spent 2 evenings per week playing in english with us, as a way to learn english for our daugthers.
Please contact us to talk about convenience and money.
email- adelacotillas@yahoo.es
Americanos e ingleses para grabación de locuciones Madrid, Spain| by ana@random-films.com
Estamos llevando a cabo un proyecto para promocionar una nueva App.
Para este proyecto necesitamos
2 mujeres
7 hombres
Buscamos que todos hablen inglés, que sean nativos. Podemos ofrecer 50 euros para 5 de ellos que tienen más texto y 25 para 4 de ellos que solo dicen una frase, se pagará en el día.
La grabación de las locuciones tendrá lugar el Jueves 4 de Abril, la duración de la misma será de una hora máximo.
Si quieren ponerse en contacto conmigo: ana@random-films.com

Someone in the south of France? Marseille, France| by Benjamin
Hi I'm Benjamin From France
I speak english and french and I'm learning italian and spanish
If you wanna chat feel free to message me
Looking for someone speaking Spanish with me Madrid, Spain| by Elke Simons
Hello, my name is Elke. I am German. Have planned a long term trip to Mexico, Central- and South America. Therefore I started learning Spanish. Now want to get into talking Spanish and made my first steps. Would be very happy to get in contact with somebody willing to talking to me in Spanish. In return I can be helpful in German and English. Wonderful if you will get in touch with me axel@2simons.de
grupo Madrid, Spain| by Fernando Arcas Gonzalez
Me he visto muchas paginas de intercambio pero siempre pienso que mucha gente dira: "joe me meto en un bar yo solo, para hacer intercambio..... que verguenza" por lo que lo lógico seria 1º quedar un grupo de personas, hablando español ( conocerse y perder la verguenza) y luego ese grupito integra a gente inglesa o integrar el grupo en otro grupo. Si alguno que piensa como yo, tiene entre 20 y 30 años, vive en madrid centro, y el nivel de ingles es flojo, yo dejo mi email cuando reciba unos cuantos emails ( os iria informando y copiando en el cc) hacemos una quedada un finde en algun pub de habla inglesa.... etc etc. pues eso mi email es vengaaaaa vaaaaa ajajjaja
Americans for TV show Madrid, Spain
New HGTV television show seeks beautiful homes and properties that have been purchased by an American Expat.
Americans for TV show Madrid, Spain
New HGTV television show seeks beautiful homes and properties that have been purchased by an American Expat.
Rafael | by aguila.roja@hotmail.com
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