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Introduction Tutor| by Leesajohnson
I am Leesa Johnson, newbie to the forum. I am connected online for solving problems and ask questions on latest topics.
TEACHER FROM TUESDAY 19 TH TO THURSDAY 21 ST Madrid, Spain| by sandra_baf@hotmail.com

SALARY: 200 €

intercambio ingles y español Madrid, Spain| by Miguel
Soy un universitario español nativo y busco alguien con quien practicar mi ingles, y ademas con quien practicar como profesor de español. No duden en escribirme un saludo a todos! :)
MOVING TO MADRID! Madrid, Spain| by kathryn.bouchard@gmail.com
Hi everyone! I am a native English speaker and I am looking for work in Madrid! Please check out my website -- www.kathrynirene.com -- and let me know if you need any help with writing, editing, or translations!


German or dutch people to talk in english about cycling Madrid, Spain| by pertigax@gmail.com
Hi. I must to talk in english with german or dutch people.
In December, I pass and oral exam in english with a german guy. If you love cycling, it's perfect, because the exam is about cycling.
Thank you
Benjamín (43 years old)
I WANT TO LEARN KOREAN :) Madrid, Spain| by pilar_lopez_gomez@hotmail.com
Hello, I'm a 22 year old spanish girl who is looking to do a spanish-korean exchange in Madrid, if someone is interested please contact me!!! my email is: pilar_lopez_gomez@hotmail.com
Looking for a Swedish teacher! Madrid, Spain| by Paula
Hey there! I'm a local from Madrid, and I would like to learn some Swedish (have ANY idea at all right now). I could teach you Spanish if you're interested. Please, Swedish people, contact me!!
Looking for US English native speakers for recording speech samples - 25€ Madrid, Spain| by cirrus
Cirrus Logic, Inc., leader in high performance low-power integrated circuits for audio and voice signal processing applications, is looking for native people from the Unites States in Madrid (Spain) for gathering voice samples which will be used for the development of a speech recognition system.

- Age: 30-50
- Native of the United States
- IMPORTANT: English speakers from other nationalities are not required

- Every speaker will be recorded uttering different predefined phrases in several acoustic conditions with a smartphone
- The whole process will take approximately 1 hour
- The participants will be requested to sign a document to cede the rights of the acquired recordings
- As a reward, every participant will receive a gift card (El Corte Inglés) with 25€
- The recording session will take place in the center of Madrid (Metro: Sevilla)

If you are interested, please, contact us at audiodb@cirrus.com to get more details.
Intercambio Frances Español Madrid, Spain| by KI Mbock

Busco conocer gente en Madrid a ser posible natives espagnoles, para mejorar mi nivel de espanol, yo os puedo ayudar con el frances. También podemos quedar para tomar algo, salir o lo que sea con tal de pasarlo bien!

A très vite, un saludo !

Looking for Native English speakers from UK - bit part in video Madrid, Spain| by Claire

We're looking for several British guys between 20 and 30 for a bit part in a video that will help students learn English.

Any interest, please respond here!
Looking for partner to dance bachata ;) Madrid, Spain| by kamila.krajnik@gmail.com
Hello guys,
I am a polish girl living and working in Madrid which I love.
However my new love is dancing bachata, I had just a few classes but want to learn a lot more.
That's why I need someone motivated and willing to share this experience with me ;) If we are a group of people it would be even better! Would be so nice to go out and practice this wonderful dance.
Please let me know if you are interested!

See you soon,
People to practise english in Madrid Madrid, Spain| by Jan Gartza
I am looking for people to practise English with.

I am new in this town, I live in Latina district and i am supposed to have a C1 level (although a litlle rusty)

If you are a native english speaker I can help you with Spanish or teach you in cooking arts (I am a chef instructor)
Spanish native wants to improve english Madrid, Spain| by bermen8@hotmail.com
Hello everybody,

I'd like to find an English native basically to check writings. Also I'd like to practice a few speaking and we can meet for that whenever we want. I'm engineer and teacher at secondary schools (maths and arts). I'll do the same work in Spanish to the interested people. Contact me if you are interested at bermen8@hotmail.com.
Language exchange Madrid, Spain| by Xaro
Hello friends! I looking for people interested in language exchange, in english and spanish, I'm from Madrid! I need improve my speaking english, with conversations, or chats, or meet us in a bar or cafe, some day at week. I'm studying english in an academy, my level is high intermediate or B1. If you are interested in improve your spanish and speak with me in our language, send me a private message! Thanks
Rent Room Madrid, Spain| by Xaro
Hi! I rent a room in my flat if you are looking for share with spanish people and to help with our languages each other! I live near to Avda de America. If you are interested in share flat and improve your spanish, I want practice my english, send me a private message :)
Questions for English language learners! Madrid, Spain| by Hannah

If you are learning English as a foreign language please could you take 2 minutes to answer some questions to help me with some research?!

What strategies do you prefer to use to practice speaking English? and Why?

Answering questions about a text
Reading aloud
Talking about a given topic
Language exchange
In a social situation e.g in a bar or cafe
Talking about your interests
Whilst working in a team
Whilst playing games
Role play
Watching a video/film and discussing it
Being Interviewed

Your answers don't need to be long but I'd appreciate any feedback!

Thank you! Muchas Gracias!
Spanish Classes in Madrid Madrid, Spain| by Patricia
Hi everyone!

Are you interested in improve your spanish?
Do you want to practice your spanish in Madrid?

Im 25 years old, im spanish and i would like to help you!
We can take classes in a flexible timetime, don`t worry =)

If you want it, you can do it!
Feel free to contact me by email: patrizia_17@hotmail.es

description Madrid, Spain| by CAROLINA
Hello. I'm Carolina. I live in madrid. I would like meet new people and learn italian.
Room Madrid, Spain| by Sara tyndall
Would like a room from April 24-30 in exchange fot english lessons. (Walking distance to center)
paintings Yambol| by Nina Mindova
A place called WORLD Madrid, Spain| by Beatriz
Hi guys. I am Bea from Madrid, I am looking for meet people around the world that is here at this moment for job or studies or live here and want speak in English. Anyway, I am 26 years old, and I would like if someone or a group want meet and have a good weekend, sharing hobbies, try new things (food, experiences..) The nice weather is coming. if someone is interested in do THINGS, and want meet people while we learn...no only English, please let me know. Have a nice day!
Sin Grecia no habría más mundo (civilizado) que recorrer Madrid, Spain| by Talismán eBooks
Una mujer sola. Una mochila. Pasaporte y tarjeta de crédito. Toda la curiosidad del mundo y ese mundo por delante lleno de aventuras esperando. Un universo de personas maravillosas de todas las nacionalidades dispuestas a compartirlo todo y a cuidarla. Porque si tiene alguna ventaja viajar sola siendo mujer, es que todo el mundo te protege.

Sin Grecia no habría más mundo civilizado que recorrer es la primera de las 21 divertidas crónicas de la intrépida Lizzy Fogg, alter ego de la periodista Elisabeth G. Iborra. Trepidante como un libro de aventuras, útil como una guía de viaje y sobre todo práctico por las opiniones y recomendaciones que ayudan al lector a conocer en profundidad los rincones secretos de cada país y las costumbres locales que dan pistas al viajero para que lo reciban con los brazos abiertos.

Sin Grecia no habría más mundo civilizado que recorrer forma parte de la colección La vuelta al mundo de Lizzy Fogg que publicará la editorial digital Talismán eBooks. Narradas en un estilo muy personal, deslenguado y crítico, pero llenas de humor y sobre todo sorprendentemente originales y útiles, Elisabeth G. Iborra desvela sus secretos de viajera experimentada y las mejores pistas para disfrutar con pasión y humor la vida social y cultural de cada país.

La autora ha recorrido Grecia e Islas, Portugal y las Azores, Viena y Suiza, Noruega y Finlandia, India, Japón, China, Seúl, Hong Kong y Macao, Vietnam, Laos y Camboya, Tailandia, Malasia y Singapur, Filipinas e Indonesia, Australia, Nueva Zelanda, Israel, Norteamérica: New York y México, Centroamérica: Costa Rica, Panamá, Colombia y Ecuador, Brasil y Amazonas, Perú y Bolivia y Chile.

De cada país ha extraído las peculiaridades, anécdotas y direcciones útiles para narrarlas como crónicas de viaje y ofrecer al lector una experiencia de lectura inolvidable y divertida.

Puedes leer las primeras páginas del libro en http://bit.ly/1NJZhfZ
A poem for My Beloved Yambol| by Nina Mindova
A poem for My Beloved
1.He is like a bunch of myrrh,
He is gilding my fingers
With fragrance.
He is weaving into between
My breasts, He is cloaking on
My pearl buttons in sunrise redden
Like a droplets of blood,
A necklace of my heart,
A star of cinnamon tree,
A porcelain cup with milk
On a small table,
Till a silver spoon which
He is taking up slowly along
His stifling lips, and like a butterfly
Is swallowing a little chalice of my heart.
My beloved is walking and decreasing.

2. He wakes the forests green like emerald
Hayricks, white droplets, running on the
Face of the sky.
Eyebrows of clouds ,each snowdrop
bowing down
Under His white fingers.
All blade of grass reducing.
The pomegranates are like big chalices
For Holy communion.
My Beloved lifted it.
His back have been cut of
Smart whips, blood veronicas
Shoots up His white skin,
Strained like a drum, for fierce mad
My Beloved will never be separated
From my breasts.
Myrrh deeply in my bosom and I
Live from her Holiness,
Golden lichen in golden hoops,
Tightens up my heart.
Beloved how giving out a sweet perfume,
Smells a summer.
Sea impression Yambol| by Nina Mindova
Wave a sea softened
and a pain and a tenderness
throw dreams in fascination
of the blue.
And let shave the waves of
Your eternity , oh, weigh
above me,
oh,weigh a coast of years.
Carry far in azure, spiral
with bulging little abdomens,
flutter with mahagony pinions
and already in vain expect you
to stop the scales harbours
with hot flames for You are
Far away, far away ,far away,
stretched string,
heart and frank await the
hymn of June.
All sea sisters are dressed in
mother-of-pearl garment
embroidered of kiss of
In the morning hunts them
fishermen and revive with
breath of their man’s hands.
In the evening girls wash
their black tunics,
in their blue hearts,
their feet white ,who cadge
heavy chains.
The night is squeezed enigma
and ugly,
predatory like a bat pecking
of scarlet fig.
Sea sisters, sea sisters,
remember His steps
which go through you noiselessly,
and ou swing like
bloody wine-
hold in His fingers Herod,
Pilate washes his hands,
in Yours heirs
and they bristled like winter
icicles bristles of innoncent blood .
There at Golgotha
hearing terrible cry,
blood gushes like
wounded river disappear
like Easter roses,
in weeds of flushed
preditory crowd,
to open way of
Who is He?
Do you heard
His name ?
He is Messiah,
God’s anoited
Jesus Christ.
Like little sheeps,
clouds of candy floss,
they welcome festivaly.
Barefooted are feet
of lovely swarthy steps
of the sun, came to bow,
before You , Creator.
The sea throws his
magnificent silver flesh,
blue like heavently lace,
to swallow all stars
only Bethlehem’s
stays inextinguishable,
pretty like uncreated
like an apple of not
born girl.
Copyright © Nina Mindova
The rock Yambol| by Nina Mindova
I saw a rock among blue valleys,

among sea darkness,

one rock shines,

divides it sea espance

of piles of arrows

and there like a heart

stays among rocks.

On this road thorny

I saw a wounded bird,

she brings in bill

a small stray wheat,

and crimson blood

which pours over,

colours like with moss

a cold rock.

Warms up the rock,

of its touch timid,

and alive of calm

dreaming her I

catch sight of ,

but bird engulfed

the cold earth,

to breath lifeless

dead rock.
WAKED WITH BLAZING a poem by Nina Mindova, Bulgaria Yambol| by Nina Mindova
Waked with blazing
expanses of morn,
adorned with sunrise,
with sense of smell of
woodland flower.
Your sleeves of cloud
pillars burn.
The soul of Your
Israel’s nation follow You.
The pathway towards
Canaan is long and winding
like Easter cake,
like manna is sacred
the bread of your nation.
His blood boils up
like wine , is hotted
of long way in wilderness.
Wake , all, springs,
call out, all rivers ,
I want to drink of water
of eternal life, I want
to take cross of Your
suffering to pass through
darkness of sin purged in
fire of Your Word.

- See more at: http://www.voicesnet.com/displayonepoem.aspx?poemid=130417#sthash.xcz24ANw.dpuf
Waves pressing Yambol| by Nina Mindova
The waves insist on,

waves rock,

foaming white

bodies ,

and in shiver


the waves die from,

break up in,

verdant rock. ..

But sunset tight,

With red chains,

Curly blue waves,

And sea-mew,

Screams out and

Instant restrain,

Before sleep

Created in deeps.

The waves be sad,

And in shades deep,

Cure wounded souls,

And coolly look at,

Cliffs towering,

Shoot through,

With black arrows.

But sandy songs,

Resound in

Collapse on black,

Bewitching night,

After sun down warm,

The coast is in alarm-

The waves are in

Their mighty.

There silver nets,

Tired of fishermen,

Will pull with

Sweating hands,

And wrinkles,

Will tighten up

Their foreheads

Old above soft

water face.

In some quiet

Unrealized joy,

Will sing bend

Oars, and white

Cloths of memory,

Youth will lap

Above sea bedstead.

The waves will

Cheat-girls remoted,

Reminded warm home,

And light hopes,

Will shine unknown

Above glass of rum.
Hi Everyone, Hola a Todos! I exchange my Spanish for your Italian Madrid, Spain| by Veronica
Hola a todos me gustaría aprender Italiano mientras paseo por la ciudad por ejemplo un domingo. ALguien interesado(a)

Hi everyone, I would like to learn Italian while walking around the city i.e on Sunday. Anyone interested?

I'm new on this, I just signed up and I really don't know who does this works, but I promise I will do my best to help you learn and/or improve your spanish.
My Spanish for your English Madrid, Spain| by BEA
I need to improve my english skills. Thank you!
British English for your Spanish, ingles británico por tu espaniol Madrid, Spain| by Anwar bham
Hola todos soy nativo britanico y yo quiero crecer mi nivel español y ofrezo inglés británico para
Españoles y esperó que conocer nuevo amigos también.

Hi all i am a native british and i want to improve my level of Spanish and offer British English in return to Spaniards and I hope to make new friends in return.
hi Cuba,Havana| by Dayana
Español por Inglés Madrid, Spain| by Daniel
Soy español nativo y necesito mejorar mucho mi nivel de inglés. Ofrezco enseñar español a cambio. Sobre todo me gustaría quedar para hablar y practicar.

No importa ni sexo ni edad.

HI EVERYONE Madrid, Spain| by SANDRA
Hi everyone
English-Spanish exchange Madrid, Spain| by Mai
Hi... My first time to sign up here, don't know how it works jejejvall i know is that i want to improve my spanish and to have friends as well in exchange of english. I'm from philippines and i'm living in madrid for 3yrs now. If you're interested you can send me a msg.
English or French exchanges Madrid, Spain| by Ivan
Hello, I'm a native Spanish speaker. I also speak English and French but I would like to improve them with exchanges through mail, skype or facebook. Contact me if you're interested.
My Spanish for your German Madrid, Spain| by Nacho
Hi everyone! I'm looking for a german native speaker who I can practice my german. I lived in Germany for half a year and want to keep learning german. I'm spanish native speaker so I could help them to learn spanish. Tell me if you wanna be my tandem partner. Thanks!
Rent room and languages exchanges Madrid, Spain| by Xaro
Hello! I rent room and share my flat. I'm learning english and I'm going to meets up with multilinkual, I need improve my english and I could help you with your spanish! If you are interested write me a private mesagge! Thanks you.
Tandem German English Madrid| by Johanna Betancuria
German private teacher looking for intercambio English-German in Madrid.
Tandem German English Madrid| by Johanna Betancuria
German private teacher looking for intercambio English-German in Madrid.
Anyone interested in Spanish-Korean language exchange Madrid, Spain| by elena
Hi. Im korean now staying in madrid.
I'd like to know expressions i can use in real life like order foods and stuff.
If you are interested, please let me know ur contact info.
i just signed in here so i dont really know how to use this.
Well i prefer person who can speak english well cause u know my spanish is way worse than my english.
But anyways if you are interested let me know.
FRANCES - ESPAÑOL Madrid, Spain| by Marta
Hola!! Soy Marta.
Me gustaría encontrar gente nativa francesa o que hablaran francés y asi mejorar yo el mío. O gente que simplemente quisiera practicar francés. Podemos encontrarnos,ir cine,etc..Yo ofrezco enseñar español
EXCHANGE BY FACEBOOK OR SKYPE Madrid, Spain| by Verónica
Hi!! I am a native spanish speaker and I would like doing an exchange by facebook or skype with native english people for improve my level. If you are interested, contacting with me.
Conversación en Inglés Majadahonda, Spain| by Mª Ángeles
Me llamo Mª Ángeles y necesito recuperar mi nivel de conversación en Inglés que he ido perdiendo con los años. A cambio, estaría encantada de ayudar con el español, soy profesora de lengua y la gramática la domino bastante bien.

Vivo en Majadahonda pero no me importa trasladarme a algún lugar cercanos.
Os dejo mi correo electrónico. mariangelesb@maskcomunicación.es
English for Spanish Ohio, United States| by Nicole
I'm Nicole, 19 years old and studying abroad in Madrid, Spain in January. I am looking for a native speaker to help with my Spanish, as I can help with English via FaceTime/Skype.
Rent a Room! ;) Madrid, Spain| by Raquel
Good morning everyone! I look for some one to share a nice apartement between Rios Rosas (L1) and Nuevos Ministerios (L6, L8, L10). My flatmate and I want to rent an individual room in a 150m2 flat with nice living room and terrace. The price is 425€. We are looking for people who are able to stay at least 6 months. It is a great apartment wih nice flatmates! ;) Write us and you will not regret!
native speaker? Madrid(Madrid)Spain| by Jose Sota
We want a catholic, outgoing and young girl to speak english with our kids, around 15 h/week. For that, we offer a room to stay in, and 3 meals a day.
If it´s a german girl, her level of english should be good enough, and she will have to teach mainly english and some german.
Ofrecemos comida y alojamiento a cambio de tres horas de conversación diarias. En una familia, para hablar con los hijos.
Una chica joven, habladora, y catolica.
I OFFER A ROOM!! URGENT!! Madrid, Spain| by Kasia
Hi, I rent a room in a huge flat of 120m2 and 2 terrace, near to metro Ascao (L7) in Madrid. Available since 25/03/2015. My mvl is: 0034 654 322 130 (i use whastsup). Price 280e. You would share it with me, i am 25 years old medical student (i speak spanish). http://www.idealista.com/inmueble/29974696/
Intercambio Francés- Español o Inglés Español Madrid, Spain| by Lola
Hola, soy Lola una chica de 28 años a la que le gusta ir al cine, leer, ir de conciertos, salir, vamos una chica normal supongo, aunque un poco charlatana. En fin, que me gustaría hacer intercambio Inglés- Español o Francés - Español.
Greetings everyone!! Madrid, Spain| by Arturo Antonio Fermin
Hi there!, I'm an American, well.... Texan haha (if you get the joke), living in Madrid, I'm looking to meet new people, I'm open to language exchange or even just meet some people to hang out. Tambien hablo español. Don't doubt on messaging me if you are interested :D
Spanish-English Exchange Madrid, Spain| by spanish88
Hi, I´m native spanish speaker and lately i´ve been too long without talking in english, so I would really like to have the opportunity to talk in english for a while and help you with your spanish. I also speak a little german. I live in the center and I work a lot so I´m only available during the weekends.
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