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    Conversation Classes in the Pub
    Learn languages over a drink with experienced native teachers. Aprende idiomas en un ambiente agradable y con profesores nativos. 5€ for one hour and fifteen minutes*
    What's on?
    Sundays Intercambio de Idiomas
    Tarde-noche del domingo entre amigos e idiomas
    Sunday, Oct 23, 07:00pm
    Tuesday Language Exchange
    See you at El Parnasillo del Príncipe!
    Tuesday, Oct 25, 10:00pm
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    Signed up on Sunday | Oct 23, 2016
    Mostoles, Spain
    Signed up on Sunday | Oct 23, 2016
    Madrid, Spain
    Maria Jesús
    Signed up on Sunday | Oct 23, 2016
    Madrid, Spain
    Signed up on Saturday | Oct 22, 2016
    My English/Spanish for your French  Madrid, Spain| by Félix_F
    Hi! I'm a Spanish guy that works as an English teacher. I'd like to improve my French while having a coffee or doing some interesting activities. I like the cultural exchange too.

    Let me know if you're interested!
    Pilates in English  Madrid, Spain| by Santiago
    Hello! come and join us in our group Pilates class in English every Wednesday at 7pm in Goya area. All levels welcome, get in shape and practice your English at the same time!
    We also offer private and group reformer classes on request. Please contact us at hellopilates@live.com or visit www.hellopilates.net

    Hola, apuntate a nuestra clase de Pilates en Ingles, todos los Miércoles a las 7 en la zona de Goya. Ponte en forma y practica tu Ingles a la vez!
    También ofrecemos clases particulares y grupales con maquinas. Nos puedes contactar en hellopilates@live.com o visitar nuestra pagina
    Spanish girl looking for English native speakers  Madrid, Spain| by Gema
    Hi there! I would like to practice my speaking more often than I do, and so I am looking for people who are native speakers or somebody who has a good command of this langauge. It goes without saying but... I also can help you with your Spanish. I'm itno linguistics, literature and teaching, but I wouldn't mind learning about other fields of knowledge.
    Nativo de Inglaterra buscando intercambio  Madrid, Spain| by Jason dudley
    Hola me llamo Jason y soy de Londres. Estoy en Madrid por 9 meses y quiero hacer un intercambio para encontrar nueva gente y hablar español y ingles. Mándame un mensaje por whatsapp 00447795823640.
    Italian / English exchange  Madrid, Spain| by Stefano Ferrari
    Italian native speaker, living and working in Madrid since 2003. I would like to improve my English and I can teach Italian! I'm not a teacher but I'm experienced in teaching Italian. Available any weekend afternoon in Madrid city center.
    Feel free to use the Multilinkual global hodgepodge forum!
    People to practise english in Madrid Madrid, Spain| by Jan Gartza
    I am looking for people to practise English with.

    I am new in this town, I live in Latina district and i am supposed to have a C1 level (although a litlle rusty)

    If you are a native english speaker I can help you with Spanish or teach you in cooking arts (I am a chef instructor)
    Spanish native wants to improve english Madrid, Spain| by bermen8@hotmail.com
    Hello everybody,

    I'd like to find an English native basically to check writings. Also I'd like to practice a few speaking and we can meet for that whenever we want. I'm engineer and teacher at secondary schools (maths and arts). I'll do the same work in Spanish to the interested people. Contact me if you are interested at bermen8@hotmail.com.
    Language exchange Madrid, Spain| by Caro
    Hello friends! I looking for people interested in language exchange, in english and spanish, I'm from Madrid! I need improve my speaking english, with conversations, or chats, or meet us in a bar or cafe, some day at week. I'm studying english in an academy, my level is high intermediate or B1. If you are interested in improve your spanish and speak with me in our language, send me a private message! Thanks
    Rent Room Madrid, Spain| by Caro
    Hi! I rent a room in my flat if you are looking for share with spanish people and to help with our languages each other! I live near to Avda de America. If you are interested in share flat and improve your spanish, I want practice my english, send me a private message :)
    Grupo para visitar museos, hacer tertulias literarias, y vivir Madrid Madrid, Spain| by Pablo Quesada
    Hola a tod@s:

    Si estás interesad@ en formar parte de un grupo para ir juntos a los museos, asistir a tertulias literarias, ir al cine, confraternizar con gentes del mundo entero, éste es tu lugar.

    El otro día en Beer Station salió este asunto y sin dejarme llevar por la superficialidad dominante de nuestros días, aquí va la propuesta.

    HAY UN GRUPO DE GOOGLE POR SI QUEREIS UNIROS: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/amigosyamigasdemultilinkualeventos

    Podemos ir a ver la exposición del thyssen:


    O la de Caixa Forum: http://agenda.obrasocial.lacaixa.es/en/-/impresionistas-y-modernos-expo

    Si quereis contactar, mi correo electrónico es: aquelpabloquesada@gmail.com

    Saludos cordiales
    Kind regards
    Mit freundlichen GrüBen

    Questions for English language learners! Madrid, Spain| by Hannah

    If you are learning English as a foreign language please could you take 2 minutes to answer some questions to help me with some research?!

    What strategies do you prefer to use to practice speaking English? and Why?

    Answering questions about a text
    Reading aloud
    Talking about a given topic
    Language exchange
    In a social situation e.g in a bar or cafe
    Talking about your interests
    Whilst working in a team
    Whilst playing games
    Role play
    Watching a video/film and discussing it
    Being Interviewed

    Your answers don't need to be long but I'd appreciate any feedback!

    Thank you! Muchas Gracias!
    Spanish Classes in Madrid Madrid, Spain| by Patricia
    Hi everyone!

    Are you interested in improve your spanish?
    Do you want to practice your spanish in Madrid?

    Im 25 years old, im spanish and i would like to help you!
    We can take classes in a flexible timetime, don`t worry =)

    If you want it, you can do it!
    Feel free to contact me by email: patrizia_17@hotmail.es

    description Madrid, Spain| by CAROLINA
    Hello. I'm Carolina. I live in madrid. I would like meet new people and learn italian.
    Room Madrid, Spain| by Sara tyndall
    Would like a room from April 24-30 in exchange fot english lessons. (Walking distance to center)
    paintings Yambol| by Nina Mindova