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    Sundays Intercambio de Idiomas
    Tarde-noche del domingo entre amigos e idiomas
    Sunday, Aug 30, 07:00pm
    Tuesday Language Exchange
    See you at El Parnasillo del Príncipe!
    Tuesday, Sep 01, 10:00pm
    Thursday Language Exchange
    Thursday, Sep 03, 10:00pm
    Friday, Sep 04, 10:00am
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    Signed up on Saturday | Aug 29, 2015
    Madrid, Spain
    Signed up on Thursday | Aug 27, 2015
    Madrid, Spain
    Ana Porras
    Signed up on Thursday | Aug 27, 2015
    Signed up on Thursday | Aug 27, 2015
    Madrid, Spain
    Aprender Ingles  Madrid, Spain| by Alfredo
    Hola a todos, antes que nada soy nuevo en este mundo de los idiomas, mis conocimientos son muy escasos, se que hay gente que le gusta de alma aprender o enseñar idiomas, a mi a los 35 años me dio por aprender ingles, esa una lengua hermosa y un gran desafío para mi, ya que siempre me costo mucho ese idioma. espero y confío en que alguien aquí este dispuesto/a a ayudarme, actualmente me encuentro sin trabajo por lo que me es imposible pagar un curso de idiomas. si hay alguien interesado en ayudarme a tomar unas clases de Ingles desde ya le estoy eternamente agradecido, mi correo es migueldanie6@hotmail.com, muchas gracias a todos.
    MEETUP: Spanish for English in Madrid  Madrid, Spain| by Golema
    Hi everyone!

    Do you want to speak Spanish and make a friend in Madrid? I am Spanish (native) and I am interested in Language exchanges or just meeting anyone for a coffee or lunch maybe. If you're in the city and have some spare time, please contact me, looking forward to hearing from you :)
    Aleman por Español  Madrid, Spain| by Ramon
    Estoy buscando mejorar mi Alemán y si alguien se apunta nos tomamos una caña y conversamos. Tengo 33 años y me adapto a todo tipo de conversación.

    Saludos a todos!

    DELE Preparation and Spanish lessons  Madrid, Spain| by Philip
    We are a small Spanish school founded in 2001 in Madrid. We are located North of the city center (Central Almond) close to the campus of the Universidad Complutense. Besides Spanish lessons, we offer special preparation courses for the DELE exam:

    So if you stay in Madrid and want to pass the DELE, take this opportunity. The next exam dates are in October and November and you need to sign up about 1,5 months ahead:
    Apartment for rent  Madrid, Spain| by Medina
    Appartment for rent located between parque de avenidas and barrio de la Concepcion metro The flat is 70m2 very bright and has 2 bedrooms (a single and a double one) a very nice and cosy living room and a beautiful and large kitchen. It is completely furnished with all kitchen and washing facilities (washing machine, oven, microwave, fridge freezer etc). The flat is also located 2 minutes from the 53 bus and 122 bus (53 - sol <-> arturo soria, 122 - avenida america <-> campo de las naciones). The airport bus (200) is also located very close to the flat (10 minutes walking) and takes 5 minutes to the airport. There are 3 supermarkets located very close (all within 5 minutes walking) and there is a gym and outdoor swimming pool in the vicinity too.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me for more info:

    Thank you
    Feel free to use the Multilinkual global hodgepodge forum!
    EXCHANGE BY FACEBOOK OR SKYPE Madrid, Spain| by Verónica
    Hi!! I am a native spanish speaker and I would like doing an exchange by facebook or skype with native english people for improve my level. If you are interested, contacting with me.
    Conversación en Inglés Majadahonda, Spain| by Mª Ángeles
    Me llamo Mª Ángeles y necesito recuperar mi nivel de conversación en Inglés que he ido perdiendo con los años. A cambio, estaría encantada de ayudar con el español, soy profesora de lengua y la gramática la domino bastante bien.

    Vivo en Majadahonda pero no me importa trasladarme a algún lugar cercanos.
    Os dejo mi correo electrónico. mariangelesb@maskcomunicación.es
    English for Spanish Ohio, United States| by Nicole
    I'm Nicole, 19 years old and studying abroad in Madrid, Spain in January. I am looking for a native speaker to help with my Spanish, as I can help with English via FaceTime/Skype.
    Rent a Room! ;) Madrid, Spain| by Raquel
    Good morning everyone! I look for some one to share a nice apartement between Rios Rosas (L1) and Nuevos Ministerios (L6, L8, L10). My flatmate and I want to rent an individual room in a 150m2 flat with nice living room and terrace. The price is 425€. We are looking for people who are able to stay at least 6 months. It is a great apartment wih nice flatmates! ;) Write us and you will not regret!
    native speaker? Madrid(Madrid)Spain| by Jose Sota
    We want a catholic, outgoing and young girl to speak english with our kids, around 15 h/week. For that, we offer a room to stay in, and 3 meals a day.
    If it´s a german girl, her level of english should be good enough, and she will have to teach mainly english and some german.
    Ofrecemos comida y alojamiento a cambio de tres horas de conversación diarias. En una familia, para hablar con los hijos.
    Una chica joven, habladora, y catolica.
    I OFFER A ROOM!! URGENT!! Madrid, Spain| by Kasia
    Hi, I rent a room in a huge flat of 120m2 and 2 terrace, near to metro Ascao (L7) in Madrid. Available since 25/03/2015. My mvl is: 0034 654 322 130 (i use whastsup). Price 280e. You would share it with me, i am 25 years old medical student (i speak spanish). http://www.idealista.com/inmueble/29974696/
    Intercambio Francés- Español o Inglés Español Madrid, Spain| by Lola
    Hola, soy Lola una chica de 28 años a la que le gusta ir al cine, leer, ir de conciertos, salir, vamos una chica normal supongo, aunque un poco charlatana. En fin, que me gustaría hacer intercambio Inglés- Español o Francés - Español.
    Greetings everyone!! Madrid, Spain| by Arturo Antonio Fermin
    Hi there!, I'm an American, well.... Texan haha (if you get the joke), living in Madrid, I'm looking to meet new people, I'm open to language exchange or even just meet some people to hang out. Tambien hablo español. Don't doubt on messaging me if you are interested :D
    Spanish-English Exchange Madrid, Spain| by spanish88
    Hi, I´m native spanish speaker and lately i´ve been too long without talking in english, so I would really like to have the opportunity to talk in english for a while and help you with your spanish. I also speak a little german. I live in the center and I work a lot so I´m only available during the weekends.
    Hi there! Madrid, Spain| by Angel
    My name is Angel. I'm 100% born and bred Spaniard, and very interested in developing my conversational English.
    I see we share similar interests, so that can be a good base for our chats. If you're interested in meeting and developing your Spanish here in Madrid please send me a message.

    Kind regards.