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    Conversation Classes in the Pub
    Learn languages over a drink with experienced native teachers. Aprende idiomas en un ambiente agradable y con profesores nativos. 5€ for one hour and fifteen minutes*
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    Tuesday Language Exchange
    See you at El Parnasillo del Príncipe!
    Tuesday, Feb 09, 10:00pm
    Thursday Language Exchange
    Thursday, Feb 11, 10:00pm
    Who's new?
    Signed up on Monday | Feb 08, 2016
    Madrid, Spain
    Paula  Spain
    Signed up on Monday | Feb 08, 2016
    Signed up on Monday | Feb 08, 2016
    Madrid, Spain
    Signed up on Sunday | Feb 07, 2016
    Madrid, Spain
    Hello Multilinkuals!  Madrid, Spain| by Carmen
    Hi everyone! I'm new here and wondering how it's used this website.
    I hope y'all have a great day and maybe we can meet up to speak English or whichever. Greetings!
    I want to practice english  Madrid, Spain| by Juan Carlos
    Hola me llamo juan carlos tengo 26. soy nuevo en la ciudad y me gustaria conocer personas chicos o chicas para amistad y practicar ingles, yo puedo ayudarlos con español si lo necesitan

    Hi, my name is juan carlos Im from Peru and for vacation in Madrid, i would like to meet some guys for a friendship and praticing english, i could help with spanish if you need it , all are welcome!
    Quiero hablar ingles ya!!!  Madrid, Spain| by Belen
    Hola tengo 26 años y quiero ir a trabajar al Reino Unido pero antes necesito saber hablar un poco ingles!!quien puede ayudarme?? A cambio ofrezco mi español.

    Hi there!!!  Madrid, Spain| by Luis
    Hi everyone!
    I'm looking forward to make new international friends to keep practising English and to meet new people! If you are interested in speaking in English or maybe a mix between Spanish and English, let me know!! ;-)
    Luis (alpifo.1980@hotmail.com)
    English- Spanish Madrid  Madrid, Spain| by Fernando
    Hi! I'm looking to keep practising English in Madrid and to meet new people! If you are interested in speaking in English and learn Spanish,let me know!!
    Feel free to use the Multilinkual global hodgepodge forum!
    Hi Everyone, Hola a Todos! I exchange my Spanish for your Italian Madrid, Spain| by Veronica
    Hola a todos me gustaría aprender Italiano mientras paseo por la ciudad por ejemplo un domingo. ALguien interesado(a)

    Hi everyone, I would like to learn Italian while walking around the city i.e on Sunday. Anyone interested?

    I'm new on this, I just signed up and I really don't know who does this works, but I promise I will do my best to help you learn and/or improve your spanish.
    My Spanish for your English Madrid, Spain| by BEA
    I need to improve my english skills. Thank you!
    British English for your Spanish, ingles británico por tu espaniol Madrid, Spain| by Anwar bham
    Hola todos soy nativo britanico y yo quiero crecer mi nivel español y ofrezo inglés británico para
    Españoles y esperó que conocer nuevo amigos también.

    Hi all i am a native british and i want to improve my level of Spanish and offer British English in return to Spaniards and I hope to make new friends in return.
    hi Cuba,Havana| by Dayana
    Español por Inglés Madrid, Spain| by Daniel
    Soy español nativo y necesito mejorar mucho mi nivel de inglés. Ofrezco enseñar español a cambio. Sobre todo me gustaría quedar para hablar y practicar.

    No importa ni sexo ni edad.

    HI EVERYONE Madrid, Spain| by SANDRA
    Hi everyone
    English-Spanish exchange Madrid, Spain| by Mai
    Hi... My first time to sign up here, don't know how it works jejejvall i know is that i want to improve my spanish and to have friends as well in exchange of english. I'm from philippines and i'm living in madrid for 3yrs now. If you're interested you can send me a msg.
    English or French exchanges Madrid, Spain| by Ivan
    Hello, I'm a native Spanish speaker. I also speak English and French but I would like to improve them with exchanges through mail, skype or facebook. Contact me if you're interested.
    My Spanish for your German Madrid, Spain| by Nacho
    Hi everyone! I'm looking for a german native speaker who I can practice my german. I lived in Germany for half a year and want to keep learning german. I'm spanish native speaker so I could help them to learn spanish. Tell me if you wanna be my tandem partner. Thanks!
    Rent room and languages exchanges Madrid, Spain| by Caro
    Hello! I rent room and share my flat. I'm learning english and I'm going to meets up with multilinkual, I need improve my english and I could help you with your spanish! If you are interested write me a private mesagge! Thanks you.