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    Tuesdays Cine Club v.o.
    Tuesday, Mar 10, 08:15pm
    Thursday Language Exchange
    Thursday, Mar 05, 10:00pm
    Friday at the O.V. Movies
    Friday, Mar 06, 09:15pm
    Sundays Intercambio de Idiomas
    Tarde-noche del domingo entre amigos e idiomas
    Sunday, Mar 08, 07:00pm
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    José Bernard
    José Bernard
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    Signed up on Wednesday | Mar 04, 2015
    Madrid, Spain
    Signed up on Wednesday | Mar 04, 2015
    Fuenlabrada (Madrid)
    Signed up on Wednesday | Mar 04, 2015
    Palmas, Brazil
    Signed up on Tuesday | Mar 03, 2015
    Madrid, Spain
    Spanish/English Exchange  Madrid, Spain| by Monica
    Hello! My name is Monica (38) from Madrid, and I am bilingual in english. I have lived abroad many years and I have recently returned to Spain. I would like to do a spanish/english exchange with a native British/American person to keep up my conversational english. Preferible to meet face to face in a cafe once a week in a casual and enjoyable manner in the centre of Madrid. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!
    Keen on languages? Why not making additional income out of that?  | by Wordoor
    We are looking for recruiters to help us sign up new users, collect data, and build brand awareness for our application. Recruiter candidates should be people involved or who have access to language programs or institutions, cultural clubs, and educational organizations. Their target audience should be anyone whom is interested in learning language and other cultures.

    For more info please contact alex@wordoor.cn
    English - Spanish Exchange  Madrid, Spain| by Carlos
    Hi everyone! My name is Carlos, I live in Madrid and I want to improve my english to get a better post. I'm interested in conversation exchange by writting, face to face or chatting. I can help you improving your spanish. I prefer to meet in Manuel Becerra, Ventas o Ciudad Lineal.
    Feeling talkative today?? Let’s help each other!!  Madrid, Spain| by samuel
    Hi there :)

    I am a Spanish guy, 30, working as a primary teacher in Madrid. I am looking for someone around my age to help me practice my English. In exchange I can help you with your Spanish: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation or whatever you like. I lived in The UK myself for some years and my level of English is advanced (or so Cambridge says… hehe). The idea is to have a wee chat over a coffe/beer while we improve our languages. Pls drop me a line if this sounds good to you (hope so...hehe).

    BTW, I lived around the centre and I am free week days at 20.00 onwards, or weekends.

    Have a good one :)

    Language exchange  Madrid, Spain| by amaia
    I´m Amaia and I´m 25 years old, from Madrid (Rivas). I would like to practice english conversation regularly (maybe once a week). Also I can help with your spanish. Let me know if you are interested. :)
    Feel free to use the Multilinkual global hodgepodge forum!
    Intercambio Francés- Español o Inglés Español Madrid, Spain| by Lola
    Hola, soy Lola una chica de 28 años a la que le gusta ir al cine, leer, ir de conciertos, salir, vamos una chica normal supongo, aunque un poco charlatana. En fin, que me gustaría hacer intercambio Inglés- Español o Francés - Español.
    Greetings everyone!! Madrid, Spain| by Arturo Antonio Fermin
    Hi there!, I'm an American, well.... Texan haha (if you get the joke), living in Madrid, I'm looking to meet new people, I'm open to language exchange or even just meet some people to hang out. Tambien hablo español. Don't doubt on messaging me if you are interested :D
    Spanish-English Exchange Madrid, Spain| by spanish88
    Hi, I´m native spanish speaker and lately i´ve been too long without talking in english, so I would really like to have the opportunity to talk in english for a while and help you with your spanish. I also speak a little german. I live in the center and I work a lot so I´m only available during the weekends.
    Hi there! Madrid, Spain| by Angel
    My name is Angel. I'm 100% born and bred Spaniard, and very interested in developing my conversational English.
    I see we share similar interests, so that can be a good base for our chats. If you're interested in meeting and developing your Spanish here in Madrid please send me a message.

    Kind regards.
    My Polish for your Spanish :) In Spain| by Rafal
    Hello , I speak Polish, and little English. I need to improve speaking, and writing in Spanish. I would like to meet people who whant's to practice some languages.
    Movies this Friday November 7th Madrid, Spain| by Patricia
    Magical girl is shown at 17.45 and 22.15, so if we meet at 19.00 at the entrance we will have to wait too long.... Can you clarify if this is the movie, the time and how to contact the v.o. Group?
    Speaking Exam CAE 2014 Partner wanted! Madrid, Spain| by Estela
    Hola! Estoy buscando un compañer@ para presentarme la parte oral del CAE de la convocatoria de diciembre. La idea es preparar el examen y presentarnos junt@s.
    Si estás interesad@ no dudes en contactarme en la dirección zaragoza08@gmail.com.
    Eschange skils Madrid, Spain| by klaudia
    Hello , I speak Spanish, Romanian and English. I need to improve my writing, and speaking in English. I would like to meet people who whant's to practice some languages i now.
    I'm interested to make Skype conversation ,sow if you are not in Madrid , is not sow important.
    GoodBye Everyone !!
    Language Exchange London, United Kingdom| by Carlos
    Hi! I'm from Madrid (Spain).
    Currently I live in London. I would like improve my English.
    Let me know if you are interested to improve your Spanish.
    Best, Carlos.
    Tu Español / English - por mi Portugués -=) Madrid, Spain| by Camila
    Soy Estudiante y vivo en el centro de Madrid.

    Quiero mucho practicar Español o English y me alegro en poder ayudar con Portugués.

    Hasta Luego